Monday, April 11, 2011

My Deborah Lipmman-Glitter In The Air Dupe

 Sorry about the picture quality.  I kept on forgetting to take a pic today in the sun!  So this is my try at Glitter In The Air.  I'd say I did a pretty good job and feel no need to buy it at all.  I used the little bit of Barielle Ridge Filler that was left, Sally Hansen White On, a few drops of Sally Hansen Grey Area (which is actually a dark dusty purple) and the Milani Gems glitter.  I have one more to wear that has a more pink base and a few posts ago I showed the blue based one.  Also, DOG BUTT.  Heh.  I love when my dog lays like this.  But it only happens when serious dog bone business is occurring.  So here ya go!


  1. ooh that looks nice i might have to try to make my own ! great idea

  2. Thanks! It's super easy to do and I loved the outcome. I did a few color variations as well.