Thursday, January 24, 2013

China Glaze-Poinsettia

Great red, getting there, but still not the complete red I need. Still on the hunt.

Enchanted Polish-Across the Universe

A gorgeous Indie color but not my cup of tea. I ended up giving it away.

Nail-Venturous Floam!

Get it if you can! Unique feel and look.  That's my hand in front a picture of one of my favorite blogs, PSHIIT.  I believe she's on vacation right now but there are great photos and ideas in the archives.  Have any new blogs you think I should check out?

Sation-Oh My Oceania

The name escapes me but I got this to fulfill my Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily lemming. While that worked for a while, I still want it!

China Glaze Sea Spray

A blue grey. I didn't get this for ages but kept on thinking of it and finally gave in. Happy that I did!

Sally Hansen Sea And Be Seen

One of my favorites, one of the few polishes I have a back up of!

Orly Sweet Peacock

Just look. Stunner.  Horrible photo, sorry about that!  Guess I need to update this with a new photo.

Cover Girl Royal Red

Old polish of mine, but my favorite red. Trying to find the replacement but haven't found it yet.

Barielle Elle's Spells

Totally worth the hype.

Sally Hansen

I can't remember the name! I'm going to have to dig it up. Definitely an unusual blue. Love love love.

OPI Ink Suede

Gorgeous. Nothing else to say except now I want all the suede polishes!

Revlon Orient Express

Gorgeous limited edition color. Went out and bought another as a gift since my mom said it reminded her of the color my grandmother always wore.

Revlon Cloud

Subtle and beautiful...another find on sale.

Sally Hansen-All Fired Up

Thinner than I would like but still a beautiful orange red. Got it for 50% off at CVS.