Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Franken Party

Ugly or lovely.

I could not begin to tell you what went into this concoction.

Got my lush order.  My staples and then I wanted to try R & B hair treatment because my hair has been pissy.  So far the smell of jasmine has me unsure about it all.  And I've used it on dry and wet hair.  I'm not sold yet.

Can you see the outline of the bird wings?  This is my car, covered in pollen.  I noticed this and it took me a while to figure it out, but there were other hints.  I wish I could do something more artsy with the photo and I guess if I didn't have to use my camera phone it would be nicer.  Nature!


  1. I love this color !!

    Do you mix a lot of color together? I've been doing a little experimenting with that lately. Just hate sacrificing a nail polish for it to maybe turn out.. hahaha

  2. Thanks!! I do try and franken as much as I can! I love it. I need some more bottles. This one was about half full of the glitter you see and then I added a brown and some other colors until it was brimming to the top.