Sunday, April 3, 2011

Borghese Tempesta Black and Paradiso Pink

I love Borghese polishes.  They always go on well and I love the length and thickness of the brush. I have the least clean up when I use their polishes.  I just wish that they had more colors.
Uh, sorry about not cleaning up first!  I always forget and am anxious to take photos ASAP.

I then added Cover Girl's City Lights.  A must have for everyone and easy enough to find!  It layers great to make any polish into holo goodness.

In the shade.

Blurred to show the bling.

Toes on socks.  Girls on film.

It's a slight orange/coral leaning pink.  And again, oopsy on the no clean up.

Trying to get my Vitamin D in and hope that the suns rays add some health.  Look at how white my legs are compared to my hands!

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