Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Ugliest Manicure to Date.

It all started out well enough.  LA Girls Icon.  It reminds me of Zoya Kelly or Misa Office Polish-tics although I haven't swatched them.  It does have one difference though, a slight gold shimmer.

And then I decided to crackle.  My middle finger and thumb turned out horribly although I was being careful to make sure to put on thick layers to get the big cracks.  And I had made sure the bottle was mixed well before I used it.  Apparently not well enough.  Lightning Bolt....ugh.  I immediately wanted to give it away and take my manicure off.  But no, I decided to go deeper into the ugly.

I thought adding the purple crackle, Fault Line on top would make up for those two horrible nails.  But no.  They did not have a crackle love baby and it just looked like I put purple polish on top.  To further the ugly, I then added Sinful Colors Deep Red Ocean.   Which in fact should be named Deep Pink Ocean.  There is nothing red about it.  I have nothing left to say other than I apologize to my nails and eyes.

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