Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac and OPI-Silver Shatter

I have a stash of photos to show you.  I didn't mean to stay away from blogging for so long but not having a working camera means all my photos are low quality.  Oh well, I'll continue to try my best.  Anyways, here we have a lovely Lilac by Sally Hansen, it was a bit thick, but a lovely cream pastel.  I am loving all the crackles that come out, and Silver Shatter is no exception.  I have noticed that you have to shake them up a lot, especially after they are opened once and even more so with the hot weather.  I just put some on tonight and did not shake it up enough and well, the results are disaster.  Guess I need to repaint them, eh?  Maybe I'll redo this manicure since it was so long ago!  Nah, I have a box full of untrieds and some favorites that need some loving.  Maybe my favorite brown...

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